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          Automatic pump control

          • PC-59



          1.Starting pressure:1-6bar(adjustable)

          2.Stop pressure:2-10bar(adjustable)

          3.Min differential pressure: 1bar

          4.Max differential pressure:7bar

          5.Rated current:10A

          6.Max allowable pressure:10bar

          7.Rated Voltage:110V or 220V


          9.Max Ambient Temperature:40℃

          10Max Liquid Temperature:60℃

          11.Protection Degree:IP65


          1. Stop and start the pump automatically

          2. Stop the pump in the case of water shortage

          3. After power cut off, it can restart the pump automatically when the power on

          4. Forced start

          5. Joint screw: G 1” male

          6. Built-in two working mode. working mode 1:Mechnical working mode. when pressure fall down (the tap opened),the pump start to work..When the pressure reach to the stop pressure or the pump in the max pressure, the flow stop (the tap closed),the pump stop work.  working mode 2:Electric working mode: when pressure fall down(the tap opened),the pump start to work. When the pump in the max pressure, the flow stop(the tap closed),the pump stop work.

          7. Restart pump automatically after water shortage


          1. Color.

          2. G1"plastic pipe joint for a quick connection to water pump.

          3. Power cable length


          BOX SIZE(CM) 20×11×12
          CARTON SIZE(CM) 50.5×34.5×21
          PCS/CTN 12
          N.W.(KGS) 9.20
          G.W.(KGS) 11.00
          20GP QUANTITIES(PCS) 9888

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